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英国公司 雇主工签担保执照申请 两周申请成功

It was a pleasure working with Multrees Law for our sponsor licence, they were extremely professional, methodical, detailed in their approach, took the lead and made the process very simple for us. The Tier 2 Sponsor Licence was granted in two weeks! This allowed us to secure the skilled employee and we now have a great team for our London office! 

— J, Operations Director, London based FCA regulated firm

— J, 运营总监, 香港上市金融集团 伦敦分公司




‘We are very grateful for you and Fanru in assisting me to successfully obtain my UK visa. Your professionalism is of great help to us’


— Mrs Yang, professional makeup artist living in London 

— 杨女士 英籍配偶 现居伦敦 专业彩妆师




I'm really glad I went to Multrees Law. They're very patient, conscientious and prompt to help. My visa type was relatively straightforward. However, while my application was being processed, my contract with employer had to be renewed. Multrees Law quickly wrote a detailed letter to my employer and helped explain my rights to work in the UK. I am really grateful that they went the extra mile to help me.

—Mrs Zhang, working in media in London

—张女士 现居伦敦



英国TIER 1 企业家移民续签,永居

I have worked with Sisi and her team for my Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Extension application in 2016 and  my settlement application in 2019. Both these two kinds of applications are known to be a very complicated process. However, Sisi and her team have made the application much more smooth and organised with the high level of expertise and knowledge of UK Immigration Law. I am really pleased with the positive results we have achieved. The service is incredibly professional, efficient and engaging. I would highly recommend Multrees Law.

—Mr Y, Fashion Entrepreneur, London

—尹先生 时尚企业家 伦敦



英国永居 TIER 1 企业家移民 一家三口

Sisi and Fanru, thank you again for our journey to have been so smooth. Thumbs up for your eliteness, professionalism and how sincere you have always been. You are the angels of our family! We are grateful for your companion throughout the journey, and that we have met. You set an example for our family for this new chapter of our life. Let’s stay in touch, sincerely wish you continue to flourish at work, and all the happiness. We love you!!!’

思思和凡茹,再次谢谢你们的帮助,我们才能走的顺利。也非常开心能够认识你们,点赞你们优异专业,以及和我们真诚的交流。你们是我家的天使!谢谢你们一路的陪伴,感恩遇到优秀的你们,也同时是我们家迈入新阶段一路会参照学习的榜样! 我们保持联系。祝福你们的业务持续成长!生活幸福健康!爱你们!!!

--Ms Z, Successful business woman, Glasgow




毕业生企业家移民 申请转为正式TIER 1 企业家移民

‘Sisi, I am sincerely grateful for you and your team for all the professional and detailed work you have done for me. When I went to the UK Visa Centre on the day of submission, saw the big and neat bundle that you had prepared for me, I knew it was the right decision choosing you. You gave me all the confidence with how meticulous and strict you are when it comes to work. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who need UK immigration services.’

Sisi, 非常感谢你和你的团队所有专业而细致的工作。当我去签证中心,看到你们为我准备的一大摞整齐又有条理的材料时,我知道选择你们的团队是非常正确的决定。你们的严谨工作态度给了我满满的信心。一定会把你们推荐给身边有需要的朋友。

--Miss Pan, Successful film producer, Bristol




I am really impressed by Sisi’s detail-oriented working style and problem solving working attitude. We identified one issue in the process which has a high probability in delaying the whole process by 1-2 months. Sisi worked very closely with me and the third party. We discussed the different scenario and solutions together. Finally we completed the whole application process (including getting the visa) within 2.5 months. Wish Sisi and her team great success in the future.

- Ms Anonymous Senior professional manager

Ms Anonymous 资深职业经理人


TIER 1 ENTREPRENEUR Settlements, 2019

英国永居申请  TIER 1 企业家一家四口

sisi 快递收到了,人生旅途终于翻开新的一页,这对于我们全家来说真的是太重要了,真心感谢你们团队,有机会一定当面道谢。 绝对会把你们推荐给身边有需要的朋友。 也祝你心想事成。

‘Sisi, the post is received. We are finally starting a new chapter in our lives, this marks an extremely important milestone for our family. I am grateful to your team and I look forward to saying thank you in person one day. I will definitely recommend you to my friends who may need UK Immigration Services. Wish you and Multrees team all the best.’

- Mr Sun, Successful Entrepreneur, Birmingham

孙先生 成功企业家 现居伯明翰


UK SPOUSE VISA Entry Clearance, 2019

英国配偶首次入境2.5年签证 顺利拿到签证

‘Multrees’s Team, my wife and myself are grateful for your help! We think you are very professional, diligent and are extremely detail oriented! We are deeply happy and glad we made the right decision in engaging you, I will definitely recommend you to others!’

我和老婆很感謝妳們的幫助!我覺得妳們非常專業,非常謹慎和很小心做事!我們真的很開心😊 真的沒有選擇錯誤 我肯定會介紹妳們給別人的👍

-Mr Leung, working and residing in Edinburgh, Scotland

Leung 先生,爱丁堡, 苏格兰


Tier 1 Entrepreneur entry clearance 2018 approval in 2 days

英国企业家移民 武汉递交 2天批出 免面试

Sisi and her team provided extremely professional and helpful advice in a timely manner in response to my T1 entrepreneur application. In particular, the week before submission they were almost contactable 24/7 that made things all very easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sisi and her team to my friends! Thank you Multrees Law.

- Mr Yu, Serial Entrepreneur running businesses in London

余先生 成功企业家,持英国企业家移民签证 现居伦敦


Tier 1 2 Million Investor Extension 2018 UK Super premium service

英国2百万投资移民续签 英国超级速签 当天拿到签证


‘I am grateful for the work Sisi and her team did for my applications. Since my case had complications, after accepting our assignment, Sisi diligently gathered all information that could be relevant, carefully analysed the case with the latest Immigration Rules. We worked together to compile all documents and information needed for the final application bundle and we smoothly obtained an approval from the Home Office, for this we are sincerely grateful to Multrees Law.’

- Ms Zhu, UK Tier 1 Investor visa holder residing in London

朱女士 持英国投资移民签证 现居伦敦


UK Tier 1 2 million investor entry clearance, 2018 shanghai

英国2百万投资移民 上海递交 两周收到签证


Ms Zhou is an extremely professional, diligent, detail oriented Immigration Lawyer with a strong sense of responsibility and principle. While communicating with our bank to issue fund evidence meeting the very specific requirements by the Home Office, she would not compromise until the perfectly compliant documents were in the end issued, leading a smooth approval of our immigration application. We are grateful also for her assistant - Miss Fanru, who provided us with tremendous support throughout the process. Our journey immigrating to the UK would not have been so smooth without the heartfelt assistance from Multrees team. We are confident the firm will continue to grow with your professionalism and standard of work. We will wholeheartedly recommend you to any friends who want to move to the UK. Our sincere gratitude. 🙏

-Mr Song, Successful entrepreneur and investor from Shanghai, China



Tier 5 Sponsorship, January 2017 and 2018 UK

公司担保国际学生实习生计划 一周之内收到担保认可

We have worked with Multrees Law on multiple occasions.  Multrees Law ticked all the boxes in terms of providing immigration, sponsorship and visa advice, and, relevant legal and compliance support.  Sisi and her team are knowledgeable, professional and extremely client focused.  Distilling the merits of each situation, Sisi is able to make what would otherwise be a complicated process easy to understand.  The Multrees Law team is extremely affable, which has saved us lots of time and resources.  They always deliver.

- A London based boutique financial firm 金融公司,伦敦


Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) Visa 2018 UK

英国国际学生实习签證申请 当天拿到签证

感谢 Multrees Law 的两位律师姐姐,不仅人美服务也超级好,十分值得信赖。交给她们办签证,不用有任何担心,一切都顺顺利利;无论去移民局还是搞定所需的材料都即快速又靠谱。两位律师姐姐的服务和水平都要给五星好评啊!

(I am extremely grateful to the team at Multrees Law. The two beautiful team members who assisted me provided first-class service and earned 100% of my trust. The process was smooth from beginning to the end, and I did not need to have any worries. From assessing documents to attending to the Home Office with me, the execution from the team was accurate and efficient. I give their service and professionalism a five-star rating!)  

-Mr L Hu, Art Project Manager Intern, London 胡先生 艺术项目管理实习生 现居伦敦


Tier 2 (general) Visa, January 2018 UK

英国工签申请 当天拿到签证

“感激” 这个词已经无法表达我的心情了。我的case很特殊,一开始很担心被拒,通过朋友介绍找到了Multrees Law,到现在拿到BRP一切尘埃落定圆梦了,这个分量是无法用金钱衡量的。

Multrees Law,一个词来形容“专业”。当初我选择她时是凭借她的一句话:“没有把握的单,我们不接”。但这也意味着许多责任和担当;最后事实证明,他们可以做到。思思不管有多忙,难能可贵的是拥有始终如一的饱满热情和美丽笑容;不管问题多棘手,她都能及时给你专业的满意答复。


(The word ‘gratitude’ can no longer express my emotions enough. At the beginning I was very worried that my visa application would be refused because the case was unique and complicated. I was introduced to Multrees Law through a friend of mine. My dream finally came true now that I received my BRP and everything is done and dusted. The value of this to me can not be measured by money.

If I were to use one word to describe Multrees Law, it would be ‘professionalism’. I chose Sisi because of a remark she made: “We won't take on a case unless we are confident in winning.” This simple statement carries a huge amount of responsibility.  In the end it proved that she meant it and can do it. No matter how busy Sisi is, it is remarkable that she consistently exudes enthusiasm and wears a beautiful smile. No matter how complex the questions are, she always responds promptly with professional and satisfactory answers.

I truly appreciate Multrees Law and Sisi. I hope for nothing but continued growth and success for her and her team.)  

-Mr H He, Financial Data Analyst, London 何先生 金融数据分析师 现居伦敦


UK company Tier 2 (general) sponsor licence, 2017 UK

英国公司 雇主工签担保执照 工签申请 两周申请成功

Sisi and her team were highly skilled and professional in dealing our sponsorship licence application. Her expertise made the stressful and daunting experience of dealing with the Home Office very smooth and straightforward.

The entire team at Multrees Law is highly efficient, skilful and organised and they know exactly what Home Office is looking for and therefore offer the best possible advise. Multrees Law is certainly the best UK immigration specialist I have ever come across and I would not hesitate in re-engaging their service again and in recommending the team to anyone.

-L Bennet CFO A high end carpet distributor based in London whose main clients include the British Airways



UK company Tier 2 (general) sponsor licence, 2017 UK

英国公司 雇主工签担保执照申请 四周申请成功

Thanks for all your help with the visas, you did a great job in getting it turned around in time! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others in future.

-Tom Gearing CEO of  Cult Wines UK, one of UK's largest wine investment companies

高特葡萄酒投资公司 英国总部


UK company Tier 2 (general) sponsor licence, 2017 UK

英国公司 雇主工签担保执照 境外工签 申请   

As an international bubble tea company, we've been growing rapidly since entering the UK market in 2015. One of the key obstacles we face is finding truly competent and reliable staff. Being a Taiwanese brand, naturally we aim to recruit oversea staff who understand our products and culture. Therefore applying for Tier 2 work permit license became a priority for us . This is how I personally encounter Ms Sisi Zhou and her company Multrees Law based in Green Park London.

Be honest, initially I didn't have much confidence in successfully getting our sponsor license as everyone tells me how tough it is to get it nowadays.  Sisi put me in ease the first time we met at her office. Her code of conduct is very professional and her immaculate attention to detail is my first impression of her. During the following few month of us working together, her communication with us were smooth and efficient, we formed a seamless team. In just few weeks after submitting the application, our company was successfully granted Tier 2 Work Permit license and most importantly, we managed to onboard our first key staff from overseas in a very short period of time.

I have no hesitation to recommend Sisi to anybody with a similar case. I promise you will not regret your decision.

- Alex Xu CEO of  Happy Lemon UK, a global beverage brand with 500 stores across the world

快乐柠檬 英国总部


UK British Nationality Naturalisation, 2017 UK

申请入英国籍 一家三口 全球四大咨询公司合伙人  

Multrees Law 的Sisi Zhou律师帮我和俩个孩子顺利办理了入籍的所有手续。整个过程的沟通高效,Sisi的专业精神和耐心亲和给我留下深刻影响。Multrees Law的服务值得我的肯定和推荐。

(With Sisi’s assistance in Multrees Law, both my two children and I have successfully completed our naturalisation applications. The highly effective communication, Sisi’s professionalism and level of engagement throughout the process has left me with great impression of the firm, I will highly recommend the service from Multrees Law.)

Mr J He, private investor, senior partner in one of the 'Big Four' accounting firms


UK settlements / indefinite leave to remain, May 2017 UK

英国永居申请 工签5年 当天出签


(I feel very lucky to have found such a reliable immigration advisory. Throughout the process I found Sisi extremely knowledgeable in Immigration Policies and regulations. From the beginning she gave me clear and accurate answers to my queries. She is very detailed and structured in her dealings - a quality I think essential in this industry. Our communication was very smooth and compared to other advisors I consulted, Multrees Law definitely provides a more individual, attentive service to clients. I will definitely recommend Multrees Law to friends needing immigration advice in the future!)

- Miss Olivia Cui, London 职场女精英 现居伦敦



UK settlements (Tier 1 entrepreneur), Jan 2017 UK

英国永居申请  Tier 1 企业家移民5年

Hey.Sisi. 签证我收到啦!很感谢你们帮我顺利的拿到了永居签证。你在整个材料准备过程中对于各个细节的把握都让我对你专业和负责感到佩服,尤其是能设身处地的为客户考虑问题。一切都让我觉得当初选择你们是极对的。未来还有需要你的地方一定会再来找你的 :) 在此衷心祝愿你们律师行越来越好。

(Hey Sisi, I have received my visa! I am very grateful for your help in assisting me obtain my Indefinite leave to Remain so smoothly. I admire your professionalism, strong sense of responsibility and attention to every detail in my application throughout the process. The fact that you always act in my best interest is especially respectable and admirable. The experience proved that engaging your firm’s service was an extremely good decision. I will absolutely come to you again should I need immigration help. I sincerely wish Multrees Law continues to grow and flourish.)

- Mr S Wang, CEO Chattime, Southampton 王先生 日出茶太 分店董事 企业家 现定居英国 



英国Tier 1 企业家移民续签 8周顺利拿到签证




记得我在疲于压力大的时候,周律师对我说“你别担心,放轻松,资料交给我后,接下来的压力让我来担。” 这给予在异国他乡打拼的我莫大的力量。

如今续签这么快批下来和周律师严谨的工作分不开。 这段时间的合作让我感受到她的为人真诚,专业上宏观方向把握准确,细节严谨,考虑问题有条理有逻辑,值得托付信赖,不愧为牛津的学子,也成为我孩子学习的榜样。我们决定在2年后的永居申请也交由她来办理。

- Mrs Julie Z, MD, Centralbridge Ltd. Glasgow 朱女士 公司总裁 苏格兰 


TIER 1 ENTREPRENEUR (from Graduate Entrepreneur) Jan 2017 UK

毕业生企业家移民 申请转为正式TIER 1 企业家移民 英国首签 

Sisi, thank you very much for your help throughout my application. I appreciate your professional practice and all advice given.  I am very happy with the result and will definitely recommend you to friends who may need help! Thank you again for your help!’  I am very pleased to have received the news that my Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa has been granted. I can now properly build my own business in the UK. Special thanks to Sisi Zhou, who had as strong sense of responsibility, extremely patient and paid attention to every single detail until the application portfolio was perfect for submission. As a result, my first time application was approved smoothly. I sincerely recommend Sisi and her Multrees Law team to any friend who may need UK immigration services. 

今天得知我Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa顺利通过的消息,非常的开心,终于可以在英国开始自己的事业,特别感谢思思。整个申请过程中思思极其负责与耐心,她高超的专业水准与对待细节的态度让我的签证一次通过。真诚的推荐思思和她的Multrees law团队给任何有签证需要的朋友们。

- Mr Yijia Zhang, renowned Violinist, London  张一嘉 著名小提琴家 



英国Tier 1 企业家移民续签 6周顺利拿到签证


(Sisi is very thorough and is good with the minute details involved in an application. She was always prompt in responding to my correspondence. Her firm‘s incredibly high success rate is something that won me over. I am very grateful for Sisi’s excellent service that allowed us to smoothly gain our Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension Visa.)

-Mr Vincent G, 伦敦高端订制旅行公司总裁,企业家  London based serial entrepreneur



英国配偶签证续签 当天顺利拿到签证

‘Sisi, thank you very much for your help throughout my application. I appreciate your professional practice and all advice given.  I am very happy with the result and will definitely recommend you to friends who may need help! Thank you again for your help!’ 

(思思, 非常感谢你提供的签证申请服务。 特别感谢你专业的工作和提供的所有建议。我对签证申请的结果很满意,将来肯定会给有需要的朋友推荐你! 再次感谢你的帮助!) 


-M.Chan, Birmingham. 2014 student visa to spouse visa, 2016 spouse visa renewal  




英国10年永居 当天顺利拿到签证

‘Sisi was incredibly professional in the process of attaining Indefinite Leave to remain. Her delightful character, great communication and finesse made the application process very smooth. I would definitely recommend her services to friends and family’ 


-Dr Barbara Onen, Practising doctor in Oxfordshire. 现居牛津 内科医生



英国TIER 1企业家移民首签 免面试 中国递交 2周出签

‘思思是一个非常 专业 负责 有想法有耐心的律师,靠谱是最大的特色。在时间非常紧张的情况下 帮我申请到了t1签证。 我认识的所有人有移民的想法我一定都会介绍来思思这里办,希望以后有更多合作的机会,非常感谢思思在我的申请过程中的快速回复。’

(I found Sisi to be an extremely professional Immigration Lawyer, she is very thoughtful and patient, and above all - reliable. She successfully applied for my Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa against a very tight timescale. In the future I will definitely introduce MultreesLaw to anyone I know who has thoughts of emigrating and I hope we have more opportunities to cooperate going forward. I am very grateful to Sisi for her prompt replies throughout the visa application process.)

-Mr Luke F,  Director 



Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa, Beijing submission 

英国Tier 1企业家移民,北京递交,面试,4周拿到签证

'Sisi is a very professional, smart, straight forward immigration advisor and business woman with her talent management and passion. We have been worked together since 2014, she help me successfully gain the TIER 1 (ENTREPRENEUR) visa and my husband's PBS Dependent visa in an efficiently way. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a UK Immigration specialist and also will work with her in the future.

思思是一个非常有专业素养,直接,对工作有激情喜欢挑战又很理性,极具管理能力的律师。 从2014年开始接触我们就愉快合作至今,帮助我成功申请到TIER 1 (ENTREPRENERUR) 签证和我老公的 PBS Dependent 签证,高效而顺利。以后我们会放心把一切与签证和移民类相关事宜都交给她公司处理,同时也把她推荐给了身边有诉求的朋友,今后我们会互相帮助继续愉快合作下去!’

- Miss Yue Zhou  Founder of  

周越  伦敦  服装设计品牌,工作室创始人 



英国10年永居 英国面签 当天顺利拿到签证 

"I have been very impressed by the professionalism of Sisi's team. They made the whole process smooth and effortless. The documents were prepared in a clear and organised fashion to facilitate my visa application. Actually the whole visa appointment only took 55 minutes. Amazing! A big thumb up for the excellent job!"


- Dr Charlie Hu, LSE, London  




TIER 1 企业家移民续签 英国续签 4周顺利拿到签证

‘我从一个好朋友推荐认识周思思律师,这位朋友投资移民签证也从这家律师行顺利办下来。这位好朋友多方面肯定周律师的聪明,认真和专业品格。由于伦敦以及其他城市有多家移民中介,移民服务质量有好有一般,但我过去Berkeley Square(思思的律师行办公室),了解到思思除了是专业移民律师,有多年的移民经验,还是牛津大学的高材生。经过她了解和分析本人移民的案件后,我就更加肯定我朋友的给力推荐介绍,当场请求她抽忙处理我的案件。



(A good friend recommended Sisi and her team to me after their successful experience obtaining Tier 1 Investor visa through her firm. My friend highly recommended Sisi basing on her intelligence, diligence and her outstanding professionalism. There are many Immigration Law firms in and outside London, the quality of service provided is not consistent. After my first meeting at Sisi’s office at Berkeley Square, I became to understand that she is not only a top graduate from Oxford University but also truly a professional Immigration Lawyer with many years of experience dealing with UKBA. The consultation reinforced the positive opinion my friend had on Sisi and I decided to hire her to represent me for my Tier 1 Entrepreneur extension application. 

Sisi’s kindness, attention to detail as well as her professionalism touched me continuously from the moment she took my case. Since we did not have much time till submission, Sisi worked long hours and always kept me updated with the progress. After submission, we received biometric invitation letter in three days and successfully received letter of grant from the Home Office only 3 weeks after submission.

It has been such a pleasant experience, I unreservedly recommend Sisi and her immigration service team to others in need of professional immigration advice. )

-- Mr Li and wife, Entrepreneur,  founder of Accountancy Firm, London






(We were fortunate to have met Sisi. With her solid technical legal knowledge, diligent conduct, and detailed analysis of  the immigration situation our family was facing at the time, she found the most applicable clauses in the Immigration Rules and gave us a solution. The impossible we have been told by other Immigration Law firms in the UK was made possible in Sisi's hands. Eventually, we successfully gained Indefinite Leave to Remain for my husband and Dependant visas for myself and the children. We will continue to go to Sisi for Immigration solutions in the future. We trust her.) 

 Jing Zhang  London 中国某电讯公司驻英国总经理 现全家定居伦敦



海外首席代表签证 北京递交 3周顺利出签 

‘In the previous cooperation with Sisi, she has impressed me with her professionalism and her dedicated attitude towards each cases she worked on. she is capable of grasping the core of issues and addressing a variety of emergent situations with rationality. Filled with passion towards her profession, Sisi is able to establish solid trust with her clients. Her professional quality earns herself long lasting client relationship. Under the assistance of Sisi I successfully obtained Sole representative visa in our previous cooperation therefore I would like to recommend her to more friends of mine. Looking forward to working together on more opportunities in the near future. 


-Mia Kong London 中国某房地产公司驻英国总监,现居伦敦


UK Permanent Residency visa, uk submission

英国Tier 1 转永居申请,伦敦递交,当天拿到英国永居

'Sisi is a highly experienced, trustworthy immigrant adviser with strong sense of client service providing for a consistent and reliable outcome. She has proven to be very efficient, punctual and extremely detail oriented since the beginning. 
She is also charming, intelligent with a perfect image and a natural born communicator who is always looking to advance her spectrum of providing the highest level of consultation service. 
It was a pleasant experience working with her and I would recommend to anyone who needs reliable and efficient UK immigration advice and service to obtain a UK visa for individual as well as corporate.'


Siyu Chen, Finance Trader London 现定居伦敦从事金融业


Tier 1 entrepreneur extension, dependent visa, China submission

Tier 1 企业家移民续签,配偶陪伴申请,广州递交, 3周顺利拿到签证


-Jackie Huang  Entrepreneur London 企业家移民,现在英国伦敦经营贸易公司


Tier 1 investor visa, uk submission

Tier 1 投资移民首签 英国递签 4周顺利拿到签证 90天内成功投资

‘I had a great experience with Multrees law; particularly Sisi has been very helpful and enthusiastic during the process. I successfully got my tier 1 Investment Visa. I fully recommend her. ’


-Nancy Tu 居伦敦 中英投资接洽人


Indefinite Leave to Remain (10-year long residence), UK SUBMISSION

英国10年永居 英国寄签 7周顺利拿到签证 

‘Sisi was a delight to work with. She made the daunting task of dealing with the UKBA very simple, and she was extremely professional, approachable and forthcoming with all the information I needed to make the ILR application as pain-free as possible. One thing I really appreciated was how easy it was to maintain contact with her during the whole process. I plan to enlist her help in the future with other applications and I will be recommending her services to my friends and family.’ 


- Dr Rugi Said ,Wales 现居威尔士 心理医生